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Figmentia is a real psycological disorder, and I am posting this to try to raise awareness of this terrible disorder. I would also like to help people correctly diagnose this disorder.

"Figmentia (fig-men'sha) 1. An irreversible deterioration of one's intellectual faculties with accompanying mental disturbances resulting from an obsessive compulsive indulgence in the miniatures hobby. 2. The state of believing in the corporal and sentient nature of miniature figurines. Origin: the term was first used by Bob Lippman on the mailing list as an amalgam of "figure" and "dementia".

Victims of Figmentia are often found in so called gaming stores or are gathering at so called conventions around some colored toy soldiers.

A number of common signs of Figmentia will follow below, but there are more terms to introduce that are closely related to Figmentia.

Figmata (Fig-mah' tah) 1.The appearance of wounds upon the hands, feet or upper thighs due to the painting of miniature figurines. Often accompanied by discolorations of the thumb and fingers (pigmenta) and characterized by the belief that the infusion of blood into the painting process will increase the potency of the miniature. 2. The appearance of wounds upon a person who interferes with the miniature painting process. 3. The physical signs of Figmentia. 4. An exclamation made by miniatures hobbyists upon injuring themselves while converting miniatures (especially while in the presence of their underage issue) as in: "oh Fffff...figmata!" Origin: the term was first used by Peter Blackwell on the mailing list as an amalgam of "figure" and "stigmata"."

I would like to thank Domenic of for these defenitions

There are many smptoms of Figmentia:
You stroke your miniatures hair to comfort him.
You comfort your miniature when a brush stroke goes astray.
You have 5 lamps on your desk. (guilty)
You have airholes on your miniature case.
You coo and baby talk your mini: "OOOh you like your new boot dont you, Awwww they're so brown".
You buy 2 new figures every time you ave finished painting 1.
The employees at your local  Games Workshop set aside miniatures just for you. (guilty)
Things in your work area fall on the floor alot. (guilty)
You're reading this list.
You're painting while reading this list.
Dollar signs go up in the eyes of the employees when you walk in to a Games Workshop.
When you have a booth at a major wargames convention and people actually come up to you and ask painting questions! (guilty)
Your nails have paint on them right now. (guilty)
Working at a Games Workshop is your dream job. (guilty well at least for part time)
You have painted at least one mini with your own blood and you thought it looked really good. (guilty)

I will try to add more symptoms each week