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Warhammer Painting Guide
Tools & Materials

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Tools and Materials

This section is about the Materials and Tools needed to assemble and paint Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 miniatures


The one most important material is paint. I buy my paint at Games Workshop (there are three in Madrid) and I only buy Citadel paints. I have in between 40-50 different colors. This is because I paint so many different armies, which all require very different colors. Included in this guide is a chart of all the colors provided by Games Workshop. I feel that Citadel paints are better than other miniature paints because theyre water based. This means that you can mix and dilute them, which is essential. I dont think that you have to have every paint color but, it is useful to have quite a few. You should only buy the colors relevant to your army (ask the Games Workshop employees). Paints have recently gone up in price which is a major problem. Taking care of your paints is really important. If youre going to leave on vacation or if you arent going to use your paints for a while, its best to keep them in a cool damp place like a Refrigerator, basement or garage. This will prevent your paints from drying up. There is no way to recuperate a dried up bottle of paint.




When you start off painting you will probably have to use very small brushes to be able to paint details clearly. I advise you to have a wide variety of brushes sizes and to use adequate brushes for the size of what you are painting. My biggest tip is NOT to use Games Workshop/Citadel brushes. Even though Citadel makes such great paints their brushes arent any good. Their bristles are weak and brittle and do not keep their tip. I use Escoda or CHAVFS brushes but other brands are good. To buy brushes I advise you to go to any normal Hobby shop (not Polly). If you want to use the dry brushing technique I recommend Citadels Dry brush Brushes, these are the only acceptable Citadel Brushes. I also recommend that you take good care of your brushes and that you keep their tip. After youre done painting, clean your brush thoroughly. Use water to remove all the paint. then lick the tip (I no it seems gross but saliva really helps keep the tip) and form the tip with your hands. Lastly, always put the cap on it.


Clippers are used to take the plastic pieces out of the frame in which they come in. They are also used to clip away excess bits on either metal or plastic models. They are extremely useful and i highly recommend having them.


Spray Cans
Citadel spray cans are extremely imporant because they are required for every single miniature that you paint. Sprays are used to undercoat your miniatures which provides a surface to paint on.They are available in a large variaty of colors such as Chaos Black, Skull White, Boltgun Metal, and Bestial Brown etc. etc. They can be purchased at any Games Workshop and usually cost 10 Euros.


My so well organized painting desk


I really dont use inks anymore, but what they are is paint dissolved in water which allows for them to be transparent. They are used for creating shades in recesses. They are a great way to make shades for beginners.


For a palette, I suggest that you use a glazed ceramic plate. This will provide you with a smooth, nonporous surface. Be warned; dont use your moms plates because its hard to scrub the paint off. I also suggest cleaning your palette off completely once in a while. This is done by scrubbing the plate with a scouring pad, hot water, and soap. I also suggest that you keep your plate dust free because if you dont you will be painting dust into your miniature. This makes whatever you paint look sandy.


Rinsing Water
I suggest that you keep two jars with cool water that you change regularly. The reason for having two is because metallic paints are really made up of metal dust, and this dust stays in the water after you rinse your brush. If you then use normal paint, you will have some of that dust in your paint and everything will seem metallic.


Green Stuff
Green Stuff is a plasticine that is slightly toxic and is used to fill in Gaps or to mold things. This will come in handy and is also available at Games Workshop, unless you live in France



You basically need to have three types of glue; your standard PVA glue to glue down sand or flock, Plastic Glue which is used to glue plastic to plastic, and Super Glue to glue metal to metal or plastic to metal. All of these can be found at Games Workshop and in most any other store except for the Plastic Glue, which is only a Citadel product.



In this project I only used Games Workshop miniatures, which can be purchased at any Games Workshop or on their website.


Remember that there are always more Tools and Materials that you can use. P.S. I am not sponsored by Citadel products in any way... They just RULE, well except for the brushes which S**K...